Anti-Bullying Week 2022

Monday, 14th November-Odd Socks were worn to school by pupils to highlight and celebrate our uniqueness and individuality and to mark the start of “Anti-bullying” Week in our school. On Tuesday 15th November, student members of the HP & Wellbeing Committee delivered “Listening Ear” boxes to each classroom. This is an additional and discrete way to allow pupils to share worries/concerns with their class teacher.

4th-6th class teachers reviewed the FUSE programme  (complied by the Anti-bulling Centre in DCU) and decided to adopt this research-based approach to further develop pupils’ knowledge. Lessons and workshops will be completed with 4th-6th classes in Terms 2 and 3.

Thursday 17th November-Eileen Barrett hosted a talk for Parents  at 7.30 pm on the topic of “Supporting our Children’s Emotional health” in our School Hall. Eileen is a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. The workshop focused on the therapeutic power of play and play based strategies, parenting tips and supports and parenting strategies.

This year, pupils have been really enjoying the opportunity to “buddy up” with other classes and for new friendships to be formed outside of class groupings. Classes “buddied” up following a “Buddy Bake Sale”, organised by the Student Council, to eat their treat and a chat together. It is lovely to see pupils mingling again and making use of the Buddy bench and Friendship stop in our school yards.

For the month of November, pupils were set a daily “Kindness challenge”. They had the option of can choosing to complete one of the daily challenges set or set a different daily task for themselves.

6th Class pupils worked to plan, record and edit a short video based on promoting friendship in our school.


Through-out the week, classes took time to reflect upon the values of our school and how pupils can help their school to prevent and address bullying. Displays were created on each corridor to highlight the work completed and to reflect on the lessons learnt.

We will continue to raise awareness about bullying and implement education and preventative strategies through-out the school year.


Anti-Bullying Initiatives in our School-2022/2023


Data Collection

· “My thoughts about school Checklist”-All classes completed checklist digitally- September 2022

· “Health Promotion & Wellbeing” Survey completed by pupils, staff & parents-June-September 2022 and results communicated to staff and parents

· Focus groups conducted on pupil health and wellbeing within the school (Student members of HP & Wellbeing and 1st class pupils, June 2022)

· Suggestion boxes to survey pupils on ways to improve health & wellbeing issued to all classes (June 2022) and suggestions reviewed and discussed by Student & Adult Wellbeing councils


Policy & Planning

· School Charter and school Code of Behaviour under review by staff and students (November 2022 onwards)

· Anti-bullying Weeks 2022 – (Odd Socks Day, video created by 6th Class, artwork created by some classes and specific lessons taught to all classes)

· Anti-bullying Resources available to staff

· 1 Anti-bullying display created and maintained per corridor with Artwork created by pupils

· Video focusing on Cyber bullying created by members of Student Council & 5th Class (on website)

· Video focusing on promoting friendship created by 6th class pupils during Anti-Bullying week 2022-availble on school App


Parental Supports

· Talk to parents given by Fiona Forman on the topic of “Raising Resilient Children”-April 2022

· Anti-Bullying Session: Supporting Parents to Support their Children regarding issues of Bullying (3rd- 7th October 2022)- Free online training programme designed by National Parents Council Primary (NPC) to enable parents to support children with any concerns that they might have regarding bullying and to also inform them about the Anti-bullying Procedures in schools.   · Resources communicated to parents via App 15.11.22

· November 2022-”Supporting our Children’s Emotional Health” -in person workshop hosted by Eileen Barrett, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist & Play Therapy for parents/ school community

· Parenting handbooks and supports available via Barnados shared with parents via App 21.11.22


Supports for Pupils

· Visit from Community Guard to 5th & 6th Classes each November-Internet safety and safety at Halloween

· Buddy Bench in Main yard & Friendship Stop in Front Yard. Purchased with funds raised by pupils through an “Inside/ Outside clothes Day (June 2022)

· Participation in Amber Flag-Goals created and achieved. 1st Amber Flag achieved in June 2022. Application and goals 1 and 2 for flag 2 completed (October 2022)

· Pupil Voice- Student Council & Health & Wellbeing Council (Student & Adult). Monthly meetings held with both groups

· Buddy Bench (Main Yard) & Friendship Stop (Front Yard)

· Playground Communication Boards to support communication and awareness around the communication needs & abilities

· Friday, 11th November-”Buddy Bake Sale” hosted by Student Council. Funds raised will assist in the purchase of playground equipment and wet day games. Classes invited to “buddy” up and eat their treat together.

· Listening Ear boxes made by members of the student HP & Wellbeing Committee and distributed for class use.

· Annual Mental Health Awareness Week (October)

· Annual Anti-Bullying Week (November)

· Annual Friendship Day (June)



· Notification of relevant webinars and programs sent to Staff –4 part series by Fiona Forman, “A Lust for Life”, “Get up Stand Up” Programme for 3rd-6th Class pupils.

· FUSE Anti-bullying Programme reviewed by 4th to 6th class teachers and to be adapted for school year 2022-2023.

· Regular Notification of Employee Assistance Service

· Regular feedback at Staff meetings, via email and App.



Each class discussed and created Artwork to reflect on the theme of this week. Displays were created on each corridor to highlight the work completed and to reflect on the lessons learnt.