Augmented Reality – Senior Classes

Quiver App

Our senior students have been trying out Augmented Reality this term. Students have been working with the App ‘Quiver’ on our school iPads. Using the wonder of Augmented Reality (AR), the girls brought their art works to life!


Merge Cube

This term the Birch Classroom (5th class) enjoyed using a Merge Cube and Augmented Reality to study some Science and STEM activities. They created a Merge Cube out of cardboard. A Merge Cube allows you to hold digital 3D objects, enabling an entirely new way to learn and interact with the digital world. The Merge Cube works with Merge EDU software, helping students learn with 3D objects and simulations they can touch, hold and interact with.


Halo App

Using the ‘Halo’ App, the Birch Classroom (5th class) recorded positive affirmation videos.
5th class overlaid their videos to pictures on their classroom wall.
Now, when the girls hold an iPad up to the pictures, the pictures come to life with their positive video messages. This was 5th class first experience with Augmented Reality and they really enjoyed it.