Student Council Members 2021-2022:

3rd Class

Ms. K. Murphy 

Juliet O’Shea

Hi, I’m Juliet. I am 9 years old. I am in Ms. Murphy’s 3rd class. I have a dog called Juno and a little sister called Alison who is in Ms Meehan’s 1st class. I am looking forward to meeting the other girls on the Student Council and planning fun things to do in school. I love swimming, reading and walks on the beach.

Julie Galvin

My name is Julie Galvin. I am in Ms. Murphy’s 3rd class. I have three brothers and one dog. I like going on walks and playing with Lego and making loom bands. I love Harry Potter! I love reading the Harry Potter books and watching the movies. I am very glad I got picked for the Student Council because I really want to help Convent Primary be an even better school this year.

3rd Class

Ms. Drew

Orlaith Carey

Hi, my name is Orlaith. I live on a laneway with my family and my dog Rufus. My favourite food is hotdogs. I have a brother who is older and a sister who I am twins with. They always fight with one another! I am eight years old and in third class. My teacher is Ms. Drew. I enjoy school and playing with my friends. I really am looking forward to the School Council.

Maeve O’Regan

Hi I’m Maeve. l am in Ms. Drew’s 3rd class. I live in Carrigoon with my brother my sister and my parents. We have two dogs and five hens. I love sports. I play football, camogie, rugby and swimming. My favourite books and movies are Harry Potter. I love them all! My favourite food is spicy chicken wings. I’m enjoying being back at school and seeing my friends every day. I’m looking forward to being on the Student Council.

4th Class

Mrs. Anne Barry

Tatiana Szyszka

Hi my name is Tatiana. I’m in Mrs. Barry’s fourth class. I live with my Mom, Dad, my younger sister and I have a dog named Olaf. My favourite food is pizza. I love art and I also like to swim. I enjoy travelling and one day I hope to visit Italy. I hope I can help on the School Council and make the school an even happier place.

Jessica Galvin

Hi my name is Jessica. I am ten years old, in 4th class and Mrs. Barry is my teacher. I have two brothers, Jake & Max, and a lovely puppy called Rocco. My favourite sports are football and gymnastics. I also love music, especially playing the piano and tomorrow I am starting concertina lessons. In the student council I am looking forward to making the school an even better place.

5th Class

Mrs. Tarrant

Nina Velkovska

Hi I’m Nina! I’m 11 and in Mrs. Tarrant’s 5th class. I have one brother and one sister. My favourite things to do are reading, art, gymnastics, playing guitar and baking. My family and I are from Macedonia which is just above Greece. In the Student Council I would love to show younger peoples perspective on the school and it’s updates. I would also love to hear all of the other student council member’s ideas and thoughts. I can’t wait to see what we will be doing to make school an even happier place.

Delilah Smigiel-Afriyie

Hi my name is Delilah. I am in Mrs. Tarrant’s 5th class. I was born in Hamburg, Germany and I have been living in Ireland for nearly 6 years. I live with my Mom, Dad, my younger sister Joleen and my hamster Tom. My hobbies are playing basketball, reading, singing and my YouTube Chanel, which I’m creating together with my Dad. As a member of the student council, I would love to show the students how important it is to respect other backgrounds and cultures we all might have. I come from a very multicultural family and I also know how it is to be new in a country or school. I would love to encourage other students to be understanding, polite and welcoming towards everybody. I’m looking forward to working with all student councils members to create great memories for the future.

5th Class

Ms. O’Leary 

Lena Soja

Hi my name is Lena. I am 10 years old and I am in Ms. O Leary’s 5th class. I live with my younger sister, my parents and my dog Daisy. I really enjoy art. My hobbies are gymnastics, swimming and skateboarding. I am an animal lover and my favourite animal is a giraffe. I also play the guitar. My favourite food is duck with plum sauce. As a member of the council I am looking forward to meeting the other class council representatives. I am sure that we will all have great ideas to make the school an even happier place!

Leah Conlon

Hi, I’m Leah Conlon and I’m in Ms. O Leary’s 5th class. I have two brothers and a rabbit called Nibbles. I love arts and crafts and I play Camogie for Mallow. I feel so lucky to be picked for the Student Council and I will try really hard to make the school a better place. 

6th Class

Ms. Larkin

Taylor Coughlan

Hi my name is Taylor, I’m 11 and in Ms. Larkins 6th class. I have an older sister and 2 older brothers. I have 5 cats, 1 Maltichan dog, 1 Tortoise and 1 Salamander. My favourite subject is Art and my star sign is Libra. My favourite season is Autumn. My teachers name is Ms. Larkin and I’m looking forward to joining the School Council.

Sarah O’Keeffe

Hi my name is Sarah O’Keeffe and I’m in Ms. Larkin’s 6th class. I’m eleven years old. I have three sisters and one brother. I have a dog named Joey, who is a golden retriever. He is two years old. I like violin, dancing, acting, art and soccer. I was born in February and I am a Pisces. I am looking forward to trying my best on the Student Council.

6th Class

Mr. Ruane

Clodagh O’Keeffe

Hi, my name is Clodagh O’Keeffe. I am 11 year’s old and I’m in Mr. Ruanes 6th class. I have 2 brothers, Daire and Conor. I wanted to be on the Student Council so that I could help make the school be an even better place. My 2 favourite sports are Rugby and Gaelic Football. I love building Lego in my spare time. Before Covid I went to my first concert with my Mam and we saw George Ezra, it was brilliant. I love this school so much and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve.

Elle Sheehan

Hello my name is Elle Sheehan and I am in Mr. Ruane’s 6th class. I love playing the guitar and I also love singing and dancing. I have a cat called Melo. He loves rubs and food, especially chicken. I love reading books in my free time, especially Harry Potter. My favourite food is margarita pizza. While I am on the student council I really hope to make the school an even better place for both pupils and teachers.