Lots of lovely activities took place for Mental Health Awareness week, from yoga to tree planting to positivity picnics! 2nd class wrote a self-care guide, while 6th class did some guided meditations.

2nd Class Mental Health Activities





2nd Class Positivity Picnic



Meditations 6th Class


Student Council

Self Portraits

Our Student Council members have made some wonderful self-portraits full of positive adjectives to describe themselves.
This is another lovely activity incorporating wellbeing and positivity into art.

Calm Jars and Kindness Jars

Our student council representatives also created Calm Jars and Kindness Jars.

The Calm Jar is a simple mindful too children can use to help them calm when they feel stressed, anxious, sad, angry or just out of sorts.

The Kindness Jar is a brilliant way of celebrating all the kind things we do. When you see someone being kind, record it on a small piece of paper and put it in the jar. Later on, children can spend some time reflecting on all the kindness they have collected.




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