Health Promotion-Food Dudes

We are very pleased to inform you that your child/children will have the opportunity to participate in the next phase of the “Food Dudes” programme from October 2nd-5th. Under this phase, each child will receive portions of fruit and vegetables daily to help maintain and enhance the healthy eating ethos in our school.

The programme takes only a small amount of time in school but will result in health benefits for all who participate. Your child will automatically be included in this programme. However, if for any reason you do not want your child to take part or have any concerns, we would be grateful if you could inform the school by emailing by Monday, 18th September.

In advance of the programme commencing, information from the HSE in relation to the Food Pyramid can be accessed at

Additionally, the START campaign is a public awareness campaign for parents that provides advice on healthy snacks, treats, menu planning and includes a selection of recipes-

Please find attached our Healthy Eating Policy.