Microsoft Teams


  • Your son/daughter will use a Convent Primary School Microsoft Email Account along with a Microsoft Class Team.
  • Your son/daughter will communicate with her class and teacher using her school email and her Team for blended learning throughout the school year and for remote learning (if ever required.)
  • We recommend you download the Microsoft Outlook App and the Microsoft Teams App on your own devices along with any device your son/daughter will use for his/her education over the coming years.
  • You will be guided further on using your son/daughters email and Team throughout the year.
  • In the meantime, please feel free to email if you have difficulties downloading or setting up these Apps.

    Please check our guides for Parents and Students

    Here is a useful video on how to use Microsoft Teams

Reading Eggs (Infants – 2nd Class) / Reading Eggspress (3rd – 6th Class)


TTRS: Touch-type Read and Spell



Folens PM Readers



Maths Seeds (Infants – 2nd Classes)

Mathletics (3rd – 6th Class)


Minecraft Education


In collaboration with RTÉjr, Corey and Amanda from the Microsoft Dream Space Team, provided us with six amazing videos. Through the videos we learned a lot of information as well as learning new Minecraft skills. At the end of each episode, we were given a challenge to complete. In the challenge we applied our newly learned skills. These challenges aligned to the Irish curriculum, covering subjects from English, Maths, Science, Geography, SPHE and more. 

In Episode 1, we learned how to build our dream home using numeracy and literacy skills. We learned a lot about sustainability too. 

In Episode 2, we blasted off to space and learned all about the Mars Rover Perseverance, which landed on the surface of the red planet in February 2021. In the challenge we built our own Mars Rover. 

In Episode 3, we explored desert islands. We used build commands to build our own desert island. We learned about co-ordinates on a map and used them when building an island and when teleporting to our friends in multiplayer mode. 

In Episode 4, we took a trip back in time to meet some amazing figures involved in historical moments, such as John Lewis and Malala Yousafzei, who have fought for a more equal society. We created our own Black Lives Matter mural. Within the Minecraft Education Edition there is a ‘Library’ and then a section on ‘Lessons’ where you can open different ‘Worlds’ which are packed with interactive information on various topics. 

In Episode 5, we went on a trip to the ice plains. We learned about the climate and environment there. We learned a lot about coding in this episode. 

Finally, in Episode 6, we found out the details of the competition “Ireland’s Future is Mine”. As a class we had to create our local area (Mallow) and then add features that would make it more sustainable for the future. We had to do research and planning before we could start building. We worked on the build for a number of weeks and you can view our final video submission for the competition above.