Each year our school holds a Mental Health Awareness Week. Please read the following perspectives compiled by our pupils.

Last week I enjoyed Mental Health Awareness Week. It helped me forgot about things I am stressed about. The activities were very fun and calming. I mostly enjoyed colouring on a big piece of paper in groups. We were each colouring a bit of the monkey. The inspirational quote on our drawing was “Today is a good day to have a good day”. After we were finished colouring, we cut around the edges and stuck it onto a big coloured sheet of paper. I also enjoyed talking about different situations and how we would solve them. For example, there was “having no one to play with out on yard”. My group said they would go to the Friendship Stop or ask someone if they could play with them. If it has been happening for a long time, you could tell a teacher. I really enjoyed “Thankful Thursday”. My class sat around a circle and we took turns telling each other what we were thankful for. I’m thankful for my family, my school, my kind teacher, my dog, my friends, my food, my home, my books, my mobile phone to do research on and I’m thankful that I’m on a Committee at school. The mindful cards that my teacher bought for us are really nice. I really enjoyed co-operating with my friends, colouring and talking with my class. It was a spectacular week! By Alicja


Last week, it was Mental Health Awareness Week. It was on from the 10th to the 14th of October. I really enjoyed Wellbeing week because we did a lot of fun stuff. On Monday, we did meditation and relaxation. Over the next few days, we did a lot of other activities like “Talk it Out Tuesday” where we talked to each other about all sorts of things. We did “Wise Words Wednesday” where we thought of kind words to say to each other. On Thursday, it was “Thankful Thursday” where we discussed all the things we are thankful for like our family, our friends and our teachers. On Friday it was “Friendly Friday”. We all took turns to say something nice about another person in the class and to say a nice thing that they did during the week. I am a member of the Student Wellbeing Committee and I thought this week was brilliant and I would really recommend it to other schools. By Lucy

In our class we did Mindful Monday and we put our heads down on the desk and listened to the noises around us. We were surprised about what we could hear because it is never normally quiet! I think everyone enjoyed it because we heard things we would never normally hear. By Emily

On Mindful Monday, my class and I did these breathing exercises and I loved how the whole class was very calm. I like how we enjoyed it so much. By Aoife

For Mental Health Awareness Week, we did lots of Mental health activities like belly breathing, yoga and lots of other calming activities. We had lots of fun on Mental Health Awareness week. I am glad that I am on the Health Promotion and Wellbeing Committee so that I can help plan all these fun activities. By Georgia

It was Mental Health Awareness Week last week. Every day, each class did something nice to make people feel happy. On Monday, our class did mediation using the whiteboard. It was nice and made me feel nice and calm. I really enjoyed “Friendly Friday”. We talked in groups about friendship. I loved last week in school.

Lots of lovely activities took place for Mental Health Awareness week, from yoga to tree planting to positivity picnics! 2nd class wrote a self-care guide, while 6th class did some guided meditations.

Mental Health Activities








Positivity Picnic





Student Council

Self Portraits

Our Student Council members have made some wonderful self-portraits full of positive adjectives to describe themselves.
This is another lovely activity incorporating wellbeing and positivity into art.

Calm Jars and Kindness Jars

Our student council representatives also created Calm Jars and Kindness Jars.

The Calm Jar is a simple mindful too children can use to help them calm when they feel stressed, anxious, sad, angry or just out of sorts.

The Kindness Jar is a brilliant way of celebrating all the kind things we do. When you see someone being kind, record it on a small piece of paper and put it in the jar. Later on, children can spend some time reflecting on all the kindness they have collected.