Wellbeing Promotion Review and Improvement Plan

We are delighted to share the targets and actions formulated as part of our Wellbeing Promotion and Review Plan. The targets and actions have been formulated following data gathered from pupils, parents and staff and reviewed by our Core Team, ISM and staff body. We look forward to implementing the actions to meet our targets over the next three school years. 


School Self Evaluation: Wellbeing Promotion Review and Development Cycle 2022-2025

1.   Target:Opportunities are provided for children, staff and parents to have an active voice in decisions relating to school improvement.


·        FUSE Antibullying Programme to be trialed and evaluated by 4th-6th classes.

·         Listening Ear box created and placed in staffroom

·         Review of school Code of Behaviour by staff, parents, pupils and Board of Management (BOM).



·         Listening Ear Boxes for pupils created and distributed to all classes. 

·         Review of school Code of Behaviour by pupils, staff, parents and BOM.



·         Rejuvenation of our Parents Association

·         Reinstate and create further opportunities for parents to attend and become active participants in our school community

·         Review of school Code of Behaviour by parents, staff, students and BOM.


2.    Target:The indoor space displays talents and accomplishments of children.

Staff & Pupils

·         Brighten up/ make more child centered the Entry Points in our School (Main Office and Door E to Bathview Yard)


3.   Target: The school demonstrates commitment to providing targeted support for children experiencing barriers and challenges to wellbeing.

Staff & Pupils

·         Use of Boxhall Profiles to assess targeted children’s social, emotional and behavioural development

·         Explore extending Nurture group to senior end

·         Formation of interest groups (such as baking/ crafting) to foster attachment and enhance relationships


Staff, pupils & parents

·         Successes communicated and shared with home